Art Deco Jewellery

The first world war had a huge effect on art and design of which jewellery was, of course, a part of. After 1918 the delicate Garland designs of the Edwardian period where completely out of fashion. As where the naturalistic designs of the Art Nouveau movement. In their place where geometric designs and an Egyptian revival, thanks to the discovery of King Tutankhamun`s tomb in 1922. In 1925 the “ Exposition Internationale des Art decoratifs et Industriels Modernes “ was opened in Paris and with it the start of the Art Deco Jewellery period. The expo was a huge success attracting millions of visitors.

Brooches during the Art Deco period were a firm favourite. The 1920s saw the double clip brooch become very popular. These were brooches formed of two interlocking dress clips, they were also know as “Duette Brooches”. Industrialization greatly affected both Art Deco designs and techniques. With machines being used for the first time to cut gemstones. This lead to advances in the number and type of facets that could be used. From these advances, the modern round brilliant cut was born and remains as popular today as it was back then.

The Art Deco period was famous for the flapper necklace, an absolute most for the jazz scene of the roaring twenties. During the 1920s necklaces tended to be long and thin. With bead necklaces ending in a tassel becoming very popular.